Steel Warehouse Company: Cold Reducing

Cold Reducing

  • Four high reversing mill, automatic thickness control, powdering, Vacuum - Dry rolling solution removal.
  • Two high temper mill. Skin pass mill capable of producing a wide range of surface finishes and textures.

At Steel Warehouse we use a four high reversing mill to pass unheated material through a set of rolls. Often the material is passed many times through the rolls until the final thickness is obtained.

Pickler Specifications

Cold Reducing
Location South Bend South Bend
Mill Type RCM
United Reversing
Cold Mill
CS Bliss
Temper Mill
Gauge Min. .010" .015"
Gauge Max. .300" .250"
Entry Width Min. 10" 6"
Entry Width Max. 28" 24"
Entry I.D. Min. 20" 20"
Entry I.D. Max. 24" 24"
Entry O.D. Max. 72" 72"
Coil Weight Max. 25,000# 20,000#
Exit I.D. Min. 24" 20"
Exit I.D. Max. 24" 20"
Exit O.D. Max. 72" 72"
Exit Width Min. 10" 6"
Exit Width Max. 28" 24"
Exit Coil Weight Max. 25,000# 20,000#

For additional information please contact Mike Reach at 574-236-1514 or via email.